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Types of Mehndi Designs!

Yesterday I wrote about how to get dark henna/mehndi stain and today I will help you understand the different types of henna/mehndi.

When you first think of henna, what will come to your mind?? The answer will be "Drawing some weird patterns on your hand and then the stain will stay there for some time". Well, this is not the case about henna in real sense. There are different types of henna patterns like its name itself. Although it is usually known as Henna or Mehndi, it is called by different names in different countries and regions. If you want to know more about the names, check out this link :
I will help you to figure out the different types of mehndi and choose the right pattern for your next henna session.

  • Indian Mehndi
Indian Mehndi designs usually consists of complex patterns of peacocks, flowers and unique curves, curls and strokes without leaving much space in between. Indian women wear this designs for special occasions of wedding, festivals, engagements and other traditional special days. Mehndi is believed to be a sign of happiness and freshness. Brides, bridesmaids, relatives and friends wear henna on their hands for Indian weddings. Women believe that they will be more attractive while wearing henna on their hands and feet. The person who draw these designs need to know about the designs beforehand. He/She should have prior experience in drawing henna pattern. If you are new to henna, there are numerous designs in the internet to study and learn. Once you practice well, then it will be really easy to draw beautiful Indian mehndi designs. Mehndi in Indian is closely related to culture and tradition. Watch this bridal henna made my me : 

Bridal Henna Design Part I

Bridal Henna Design Part II

Beautiful Indian Bride with Henna on Hands

  • Arabic Mehndi

 Arabic henna consists of flowers, vines, leaves and are flowy in nature. It will be simple, beautiful and elegant. It is comparatively difficult to draw arab designs as it is flowy and unique. Arab designs are simple and does not cover the whole hand as Indian mehndi designs. Watch the below video to learn basic Arabic mehndi design :

  • Pakistani Mehndi
Pakistani mehndi designs are somewhat similar to Indian Mehndi designs. Pakistani women usually wear henna on their hands during special occasions like weddings and other events. These designs are exquisite and elegant and made with minimum amount of henna being applied. It will be thin and unique. 

  • Indo-Arabic
As the name suggests, it is a combination of Indian designs with Arabic patterns. Together they look pretty nice and this is my favourite kind of henna designs. It is a combination of Indian patterns and Arabic designs --- Flowers, vines and curls with peacocks and other patterns. 

  • Moroccan Henna
Henna is a popular tradition in Morocco work by women of all ages during special occasion such as weddings, holidays and festivals. Moroccan designs are very unique and different. They use special patterns for their designs and look absolutely beautiful. Moroccan henna powder has fast dye release and creates deep copper tones henna stains. 

  • Henna Tattoo
You have already seen this modern form of henna popping up on Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Young girls are flaunting these beautiful tattoos at weddings and music festivals. It is the latest trend in temporary body art. Intricately designed for a delicate look, the finished effect is a bit like lace applied to the skin. Even though there is no such thing as white henna, innovative minds have created body paint that is filled into henna cones and used to create some o the most gorgeous designs.

I will be creating more videos about the various henna designs and hope to discuss more about it in the blog. Please watch and subscribe to my youtube channel. Waiting for your comments....

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